I often hear the phrase “words do have meaning.” Of course, they do, but certain words are more impressive and have a more substantial effect and meaning than others. Many of them are determined by their user and what they choose as the definition instead of the meaning.

Keep in mind that many words have multiple meanings, especially curse words.

Admittedly I am a man of a limited vocabulary. I have a reading disability, but I work hard at it, and I seem to be getting by. Forgive me for writing about this subject. I am trying to make a point as best I can without pretending to be a wordsmith.

Once in a while, I come across a word that impresses and interests me more than others. It may come to me in a conversation or a speech, or it may appear to me while reading a book or perhaps on the internet. There are hundreds of these words, and I try to use them at every opportunity. When an impressive word appears, I usually take the time to research the word’s definition and usage. It seems the more I read, the more words I find. I also find that many of these words are not commonly used by people I have interchanges with, so I don’t use them for fear that I’ll be thought of as most elite or overly educated. I never want anybody to think I’m trying to impress them by appearing to be one of those.

Once in a while, during a discussion, I will use a word and ask my discussion partner if they know the meaning of the word I just used, and in most cases, the answer is not favorable. I wonder why they never ask what a word means. It’s a strange response and sometimes insulting to think words in, nothing out. As if they are not even listening to what I have to say. Dumb, really dumb. All they have to do is ask or refer to Google. I do it all of the time.

Recently I overheard a discussion regarding one of my favorite words. MOMENTUM. I love this word and use it quite frequently. It is not a fifty-cent word, and I think understood by most people as opposed to a word like integrity which is most often used in place of honesty.

To me MOMENTUM means the gathering and growth of motion in any direction. Loss of momentum or gain of momentum can either be good or bad as would a total loss of MOMENTUM.

Donald Trump once told an interesting story regarding momentum.

There was once a very successful builder in the New York area. His name was William Levitt. He was a veteran of WWII and was an incredible visionary. At the end of the war, he realized there would be a tremendous shortage and need for homes and housing for the veterans coming home from the war, so he built cities composed of inexpensive lodgings for our returning warriors and their families.

Mr. Levitt built thousands of homes and, in the process, constructed cities and, as a result, became enormously wealthy and highly philanthropic. So much so that as he aged, he gave away most of his wealth to the point where he became a poor man.

Once at a charity dinner in New York, Trump cornered him and started a discussion with Mr. Levitt and discussed his welfare. Levitt told Trump that he had fallen on hard times and there was little hope for his future. This was shocking news to Trump, and he asked what had happened. The response from Leavitt was, “ Donald, I lost my MOMENTUM.” A true lesson for Trump.

Sometimes there are occassioms when momentun is not a good thing and needs to be stopped or reversed. Most times it can’t be stopped on the spot and reverse direction just cannot not be accomplished as quickly as desired. As an example try stopping a boat without some overdrift or an eighteen wheeler on a dime. Changes in momentum are usually gradual so it is very possible to reenergize momentum.

Lots of times some people mistake momentum for rythum and tempo. I can understand that, but the meanings are not the same to me. I heard those words interchanged today while watching the KC – Titan game. Also, Under Armour’s new add is all about the word MOMENTUM in relation to training and conditioning.

MOMENTUM plays a roll in my everyday life as a business man as I use trends and flow at all times. I understand MOMENTUM all of the time and I have learned how to control it. It’s control is vital to my success.

Think about this great word. It may very well help you too.





I have been around for a very long time and have had a number of experiences. I have many stories to tell and a lot to say. I am delighted to have a platform.

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Warren Rodkin

Warren Rodkin

I have been around for a very long time and have had a number of experiences. I have many stories to tell and a lot to say. I am delighted to have a platform.

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